5 New Apps for Android that’s Good to Try this Week

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As always, the AndroidPIT selection has a variety of suggestions for different tastes and interests.



Listening to podcasts is quite popular. And with so many online shows, it can be hard to keep track of them all and find new ones. This is the case. It maintains a rich catalog of podcast episodes and can easily find new releases without subscribing to them. There is also a search engine for old episodes.

Safe app


Many people underestimate the security of their mobile devices. This app aims to help by analyzing the device, detecting weaknesses, providing a general security assessment, and tips on how to improve security. It analyzes everything – settings, platform versions, application types, and more. Of course, his advice is advisable and it is up to the user to choose whether to follow them or not.

Bunny Circus Escape

Bunny: Circus Escape

An interesting game where the protagonist is a rabbit who is forced to work in a rather sinister circus. The rabbit wants to escape, but for that purpose it has to solve a series of puzzles in nearly 60 levels, different situations and challenges. The story itself also aims to provoke debate and draw attention to animal abuse.

Reachability Cursor

Reachability Cursor

This app is still under development and is not complete. Therefore, it may not always work steadily. Its purpose is to help users use smartphones with large displays easier with one hand. It provides different settings, gestures, virtual cursors, and more. There is also a paid version with even more options.

Rain Moment - Relax & Accompany

Rain Moment – Relax & Accompany

For the final one app for moments when we want to relax. It contains a collection of recordings of various sounds from nature – rainfall, rain on glass, wind and wind, etc. Generally speaking, rainfall has a major role in all records. These sounds help to soothe, sleep, and so on. The app also has a timer to shut down after a certain amount of time if the user is asleep in order not to waste energy.