The Best iOS Applications for Virtual Reality


Apple has not yet created its VR helmet, although it has been experimenting with technology for years. But that does not mean you have to wait for iGlasses to enjoy VR applications on your iPhone. There are many such apps in the App Store and provided you carry the right helmet, you can enjoy the technology from your iPhone.

The cheapest option is Google Cardboard, but if you’re willing to pay more for the ultimate experience, then consider the Zeiss VR One.

Here are the best iOS applications for virtual reality, according to Tech Radar.

Google Cardboard (free of charge)
The Google Cardboard app shows you how to properly set up your helmet and gives you access to five types of VR experiences – viewing museums, exploring strange places, strolling through emblematic cities around the world, enjoying the Northern Shine and enjoying various colored figures with a kaleidoscope.

YouTube (free)
The YouTube app has a VR mode that lets you do two things: enjoy 360-degree videos in a VR environment or view normal videos on a virtual screen. You can enjoy sledding, riding a Porsche or kayaking as well as getting closer to the members of your favorite music band.

Within (free)
Within is the best destination for innovative, entertaining and informative history based on reality. The creation of this VR content has teamed up with companies like Sony, Samsung, Universal and NBC.

NYT VR (free of charge)
The New York Times experiment with VR technology as another way to tell stories. The company has properly focused on “places that can not normally be visited by anyone”, allowing you not only to read and hear about these places but also to see them. This is very impressive.

InCell VR (free of charge)
In 1966, the famous 1965 Fantasy Journey (recreated again in 1987 with Dennis Quaid in the lead role with the title “Inner Space”), a team of scientists shrinks to examine the insides of the human body in a small submarine. Now you can do the same, but without risking your life.

InMind 2 VR (free)
InMind 2 VR is an educational game such as InCell VR. But this time the adventure happens in the teenager’s brain called John.

VR Roller Coaster (free of charge)
Have you ever dared to get on a horror trail? Perhaps you would have been bold if you knew you were in a virtual environment? VR Roller Coaster is based on a huge, randomly generated city, so it’s different every time you open the app.