Now We will be able to Send Messages to Instagram Directly from the Web Browser

instagram app

The leading focus for Instagram has always been smartphones.

But developers have gradually begun to pay attention to the web version. There are still quite a few exclusive features available only for Android and iOS. The trend is to gradually improve the situation. TechCrunch reports that Instagram has begun tests with a web version of Direct Messages. This is one of the most desired enhancements that users want to see in their profiles.

Once the final version of the feature is available.

We will be able to send and receive direct messages from the browser on your computer or laptop to other people in Instagram. In this way, the mobile application will try to become an even more popular communication platform. The integration of the new feature is also useful for those of us who often work with other devices because they will not have to install any software to communicate with their loved ones.

The upcoming update can turn the Instagram web version into an even better alternative to traditional SMS messaging services.

instagram app

The ability to communicate from a computer or laptop to Instagram from the browser will certainly make it easier for a lot of people. So far, we do not have any information when to expect the premiere of this feature for all users. It is likely that this improvement is part of Facebook’s large-scale idea of tracking Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram on a single platform.