We Can Already see How much Time we Spend at Instagram and Facebook

activity on instagram and facebook

Instagram enjoys tremendous popularity among consumers all over the world, which is true for the youngest audience.

Mobile app developers are aware of this problem and are already ready with a feature that is an interesting solution. The new tool says ” Your Activity ” and as the name suggests provides information about your activity in Instagram and facebook.

new dashboard "activity" from instagram and facebook

The function is available from the menu in the top right corner and will show you how much time you spend each day to browse content in Instagram.

There is also an option to enter a limit so you do not overdo it with in-app browsing, Mashable reports. The next time you go through the time range you enter will receive notifications on the smartphone’s home screen. You can decide yourself whether to stop using Instagram or enter a new limit and continue.

Over time, Instagram will further enhance your “Activity” capabilities to make it even more useful to users. The feature is now spreading to owners of Android and iOS smartphones and will be available to all in a short time. More and more applications are starting to offer tools to keep track of our activity and prevent us from spending too much time on our profiles.