Top 15 Things to Do in Dubai

New app from facebook witch allows us to watch clips together

Dubai’s licensing laws require venues serving alcohol be attached to hotels or a private clubs. It is illegal to drink in the street or in a public space, or be under the influence of alcohol in a public space. The legal drinking age is 21.

Yes, drinking is tolerated (for Non-Muslims) in Dubai. But you cannot just buy alcohol and drink it anywhere you want. Before you open a bottle of wine or grab wine, you must have license.

Dubai: We’re never far away with 17 MMI stores offering amazing value and over 2000 products. Ras Al Khaimah: Al Hamra Cellar is a short drive from Dubai. Once you share a video in a chat window, each participant in the group conversation will be able to control it and see which other people are watching at the same time, TechCrunch reports.

The Single-window system is a trade facilitation idea. In simple words, it allows a user to get sufficient information from one source. As such, the implementation of a single window system enables international traders to submit regulatory documents at a single location and/or single entity.

Other users will be notified that they are a shared video that they can watch with others on the mobile app and do so in a few clicks. The feature is likely to be related to adding a new tab for discovering clips in the posting window.

DUBAI, 19th June, 2020 (WAM) — The Dubai Sports Council, in association with Beyond Riyada, will organise a Dubai Sports Academy Online Forum on June 20, 2020, which will discuss the concerns within sports due to COVID-19.

New rules, regulations, and requirements will be presented and shared with academies, parents and other attendees including the media. Overall helping assist their return to training and playing outdoors whilst following the new directives from the Dubai Sports Council authorities to keep children safe.

Led by keynote speaker, Ali Omar, Director of Sports Development Department at the Dubai Sports Council, the Forum will see four panel discussion sessions, to discuss key topics with parents, coaches, athletes and academies coming together under one platform.

There will also be a kid’s panel, allowing kids to voice their opinions on why they chose to play sports and why some of them choose not to.

The Forum is an attempt to provide a platform for parents who are eager to get their children back into sports and exercises whilst also allowing academies to showcase what they have to offer and how they plan on proceeding responsibly.

The ability to watch a video together with other people in Messenger has the potential to become an additional source of revenue. Facebook can, for example, promote different content or offer integration of popular services such as Youtube. The company could also partner to distribute exclusive movie trailers and other commercials. In addition, we will know when the feature will be available to everyone.