A New Feature will Allow Us to Watch Clips with Friends on Facebook Messenger

New app from facebook witch allows us to watch clips together

The company is already testing another tool for this purpose in the Messenger application called “Watch Videos Together”. As the name suggests, this is an option that lets you watch clips with people in our friends list on Facebook Messenger. Currently, tests are limited to employees of the company.

Once you share a video in a chat window, each participant in the group conversation will be able to control it and see which other people are watching at the same time, TechCrunch reports. Other users will be notified that they are a shared video that they can watch with others on the mobile app and do so in a few clicks. The feature is likely to be related to adding a new tab for discovering clips in the posting window.

The ability to watch a video together with other people in Messenger has the potential to become an additional source of revenue. Facebook can, for example, promote different content or offer integration of popular services such as Youtube. The company could also partner to distribute exclusive movie trailers and other commercials. In addition, we will know when the feature will be available to everyone.