15 Companies That You Can Work for in Pajamas

work in pajamas

“The good news is that more and more companies are making work from home”, says Sara Sutton Fell, founder and CEO of FlexJobs.

This is really good news for both employers and employees. Remote work or “work from home” has proven to increase productivity and improve the balance between privacy and work.

Over the last two years, I personally work like this. I like it and I want everyone to have the same flexibility.Although it requires great discipline, it’s a great way to work for great companies while you’re in pajamas. (I have to admit, however, that the days when I was in pajamas count on one hand).

Whether you want to work in your pajamas, in a neighborhood café or while traveling around the world, the companies below can help you realize your dream.

1. Apple

Apple’s technical giant offers a “home counsel” position, where employees can work with clients remotely. According to the description, this role allows employees to talk about technology with customers in a comprehensible language, conveniently located at home. The position offers benefits such as employee reductions, Apple growth, and free iMac to work from home. The work is great for students for their time outside lectures.

2. Xerox

Xerox has a great program for 8,000 employees working remotely, known as the “Virtual Workforce”. They perform many functions, including customer service, technical support, quality control, software development and many more.The company recognizes a lot of benefits from the program: less road-to-work costs, a comfortable working environment and a better balance with privacy. So employees are more satisfied.

3. Dell

Although Dell’s headquarters is in Round Rock, Texas, the company offers flexible and half-time, remote work, job sharing, and reduced work weeks. Dell currently has remote positions for Senior Advisor, Engineer, and CEOs.

4. Toptal

Toptal is a talent network that connects the top 3 percent of software developers with remote work. Best of all, the internal team of Toptal engineers are also completely scattered. Toptal has no offices at all. Everyone in the company, from the Chief Executive Officer to the newcomers, works at a distance. You can apply for a developer or look at the positions in the internal department where everyone works remotely.

5. Loot

Loot offers remote positions where you can do various activities for your favorite brands, such as taking pictures and sharing on Facebook and Twitter. The more you work, the more you pay. You must download the company application to apply.

6. Freelancer

Freelancer.com is a site where you can sign up and receive money for your skills. They have thousands of free positions and you can work with pajamas from home. Although most positions are not on a paycheck, there are many that offer full-time work with a flexible hourly schedule. This type of job is more of a freelancer, with no pay.

7. Aetna

Aetna is a healthcare company with more than 100 offices. However, more than 4 percent of employees work from home. For Aetna, the working atmosphere is not just a matter of physical space, but rather a relationship with others, a flexible work schedule and good health. Aetna employees work to improve health care, lower prices, and provide health information to people.

8. UnitedHealth Group

More than 20 percent of UnitedHealth Group employees have the opportunity to work remotely. Many of these positions are for nurses who can visit home patients, and others include a contract manager, a US healthcare reform specialist, an auditor, an analyst, a consultant, and others.

9. Humana

Humana is a multi-awards company and is 58th in Fortune’s list. Job seekers can view remote positions as consultant, engineer, manager, and others.

10. ADP

One of the world’s leading providers of business outsourcing and managerial solutions for human capital. The company offers several positions of full, half and flexible working hours as well as work from home.

11. Amazon

Amazon offers many virtual positions for potential employees living in certain areas. A great opportunity is given by the virtual contact center of the company, where employees can work from home only with high-speed internet, landline telephone and personal computer.

12. TeleTech

Their TeleTech @ Home program provides positions for employees who serve and help customers with their technical needs as well as those with backstage features, including chat and social media.

13. JetBlue

The company offers flexible working hours for work from home for parents and people from certain states. The airline was declared one of the 25 best jobs for Forbes.

14. K12 Inc.

K12 is an educational company offering interactive online courses and modules for training students from primary to high school. The company offers many opportunities for flexible and half-time work, as well as from home.

15. Kaplan

Kaplan combines entrepreneurial spirit with education through innovative learning methods. The company has more than 300 offices in 30 countries, but employees can work remotely. Kaplan employs more than 31,000 people, many of them are outside from the office. You can look at the management, teaching, customer, marketing, and many more options on the company’s website, Also visit Zoom Property. More and more companies from different industries offer the opportunity to work from home. Even if technology, healthcare, human resources, or education are not your spheres, you may soon be lucky.