Airbus will use Artificial Intelligence to Eliminate the Problem of Delayed Flights

landed airbus

The company is a global leader in this segment and offers its customers a diverse choice of aircrafts with capacity from 100 to 600 people. Airbus also supplies equipment and machines for various combat and transportation missions around the world and sees the future of the artificial intelligence industry.

It is because of this that a lot of money has been invested in building a cloud infrastructure and a huge database that is being processed by AI algorithms. Currently, Airbus earns revenue from providing access to this information to its private and business customers, VentureBeat reports. The unique Smarter Fleet technology is used by more than 200 airlines worldwide and offers an effective solution to some of the major aviation problems.

The use of AI greatly facilitates the maintenance of aircraft and contributes to the elimination of technical defects and operational delays. It is a curious fact that over 80% of planes flying all over the world are late. More than $ 40 billion a year is spent on solving this problem. Airbus is very convinced that sophisticated software with artificial intelligence can end flight delays.