EU Wants to Create an Online Platform to Reduce the Impact of Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon

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European regulators have created a number of Facebook and Google issues over the past year.

And will continue to closely monitor the behavior of technology companies in the EU. Antitrust authorities on the continent are very active in introducing rigorous measures. To ensure citizens’ privacy and protect them on the Internet. The EU is already discussing a proposal to create a new digital platform. And with that to reduce the impact of major technology companies.

In fact, this is part of an initiative that started last year and is linked to too much control over the information.


Which companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon are doing. The data covers not only our activity in their popular mobile services and applications. Also personal preferences and all the other things we share on the internet, VentureBeat reported. For example, Google, Amazon and Facebook can have a huge impact on the way we shop online. Are you interested to rank your website on Google 1st Page? Hire Dubai SEO Expert

The proposal already enjoys broad public support and aims to create a single digital market.

In Europe that removes all harmful practices in online commerce. Emphasis will be on consumer transparency and security, which will force big companies to make major changes to their business strategies. The concept of the EU is to introduce a standard to regulate search engines, application stores, online retailers and service booking sites even more effectively.