Happy Fake Black Friday

Fake Black Friday

Watch out!
Because the discounts during Black Friday can be everything but realistic

Black Friday is right around the corner and on this day almost every store as well as online businesses offer big reductions on items they are selling.

Hundreds of thousands of people shop online and buy goods for millions of euros.
In just the first few hours of sales with a huge decrease, merchants recorded unprecedented sales.

It’s nice to take advantage of such discounts, but always keep one in mind that Black Friday is actually a marketing trick.
Therefore, we recommend to always check the true price of the goods before you buy them.

How do you do that?

It is actually very easy, just copy the name of the product you want to purchase and use Google‘s search engine to figure out the real price of the product.images

We advise this

because there is a chance that you can get fooled by the huge percentage of discount that someone is offering and in a hurry not to miss this amazing offer, it may turn out that you actually purchased a product at a higher price that its real price.
A 90% discount sounds too good to be true. And that is why in most of the cases it is also a scam.

For example,

a color printer cartridge HP 301, which is sold at a large online shopping site for a price of 24$. The reduction is huge – as much as 90%.
An offer you should not pass on, right?
But, here you should ask yourself the question: “One ink cartridge for a printer, can it cost around 246 $?!” Of course not!
The answer can also be proven by the search method described above.
At the end of the day, Black Friday is very profitable both for consumers and businesses, but be always aware not to get distracted by the big number percentage which always is to the fore and catches the attention of the potential buyers.example

Whilst the Black Friday sales day itself is not a scam,

there are certainly ‘deals’ out there that you need to watch out for. The website called blackfridayhits.com that analyzes past sales data to make predictions on Black Friday deals for all kinds of products, as well as listing any deals we find on the day. One thing we have noticed is that retailers often increase their prices in the run up to Black Friday in order to exaggerate the total % off. For example, last year the Segway one S1 was retailing at $749, but in the run up to Black Friday the price was increased to $1000. It was then ‘discounted’ by 25% to $749, which was the original retail price.Black friday