Huawei will Beat Samsung on Smartphone Sales by The End of 2020.


Huawei have sent their best year in the smartphone market so far as they have long established themselves as the second-largest manufacturer in the industry.

The Chinese giant has ambitious plans and in 2019 when it will try to increase the distance to Apple and get the most out of Samsung. The company managed to sell more than 200 million smartphones on the market in the past 12 months, which is 30% more than in 2017. Huawei has also delivered 100 million smart gadgets like tablets and smart clocks, CNN reported.

All of these processes have generated record revenue for Huawei’s Consumer Business division, which generates $ 52 billion, a 40% increase on an annual basis.

The company has the strongest presence in China and other Asian countries but is making a lot of effort to become an influential player on the European market as well. Huawei offers consumers a diverse portfolio of smartphones, which in most cases sell more profitable than their competitors to other manufacturers. That is why the company aims to outperform Samsung before the end of 2020.

Richard Yu, who heads the Consumer Business Division, predicts that it will take a maximum of two years for the company to overtake Samsung.

Extensive investments in flexible display devices and 5G networks will only speed up these processes and contribute to Huawei’s desire to become the world’s largest smartphone maker. In recent months, Samsung has experienced serious difficulties and, unlike its major competitor, has seen a decline in sales. If this trend is maintained it can allow Huawei to achieve its goal earlier.