Microsoft Temporarily Overtook Apple and Became the Richest Company in the World


Since the beginning of the year Microsoft has already outpaced Google and Amazon in terms of market capitalization.

The software giant has done the same with Apple, which is the first time in eight years. Specific data reveals that Microsoft’s market capitalization is now $ 812.93 billion, which is a minimal advance to Apple at $ 812.60 billion, making Microsoft temporarily the world’s richest company, reports TheVerge.

Satya Nadella is the biggest contributor to these figures, finding an effective way to restructure the company’s business and focus it on cloud services and software.

Satya Nadella

Currently, Windows, Xbox, and Surface subdivisions generate only 36% of Microsoft revenue. While compared to Google ads are responsible for 86% of the welfare. This demonstrates how flexible Microsoft business models are and how they are not dependent on a product or service.

The Apple situation, which relies mainly on the iPhone and earns about 60% of its revenue from the sale of smartphones, is fundamentally different.

Surely the battle between the two companies will continue to take full effect in the coming months as well. The upcoming holiday season at the end of the year is associated with exceptional consumer activity. This will certainly be beneficial to the market capitalization of leading technology companies.