General Motors enter The Electric Bicycle Market in 2019


The company is working on a foldable and compact version of the vehicle. The idea of ​​using an EV engine is not surprising because of the huge benefits that this form of public transport brings to consumers. GM has already invested a lot of money in the development of electric cars and aims to unleash the idea in other segments.

electric bike

The company’s electric bikes will be permanently connected to the internet and offer smart integration features for mobile devices. GM engineers will pay special attention to security and will equip them with smart parking assistants. The folding model will be designed to solve the problem of easier transportation in urban conditions and can be easily transported by car, TechCrunch reported.

electric bike

We still do not know how bikes will be baptized, but GM has launched an online contest to offer users their own names. There is also a special prize of $ 10,000 for the man who invented the most appropriate title, as well as nine comforts of $ 1,000. Those wishing to vote should do so from the “eBikeBrandChallenge” website until November 26, and the company will officially announce the winners on January 31, 2019.