Google Develops its own Series of Smart Watches and Portable Gadgets

smart watches

Google has introduced an interesting change in strategy over the past few years.

The company has emerged from the image of the traditional software developer and has become increasingly interested in hardware. Their first project in this segment is the Nexus smartphones that were inherited from Google Pixel. We can not ignore the smart home speakers and the Pixelbook chrome. The next step for Google is smart clocks and portable gadgets.


Already last year on the Internet was published information about the company’s desire to develop its own hardware in these market segments.

It seems that this idea is still on the agenda for the company, as Google is already looking for suitable specialists to head their portable gadget division. AndroidPolice’s data were published on the internet and a screenshot of the ad itself, which reveals further details about the company’s vacancy and plans.


The content of our ad reveals that Google wants to hire engineers with years of experience in the design and development of hardware devices.

He is the Vice President of the Hardware Engineering division of the company, which is firmly in evidence of the company’s ambitious plans in this niche market, and it seems that Google is becoming more and more serious in its plans to sell its own smartphone series watches and portable gadgets.

smart watches