Google is Developing Smart Virtual Reality Shoes

Virtual reality shoes

Virtual reality is an attractive technology that is particularly suited to fun and gaming.

VR shoes

Currently, you can find a variety of VR models on the market. Manufacturers also offer a number of accessories to literally sink into gameplay. Despite its number of advantages and virtual reality technologies have its drawbacks. Thanks to the joint efforts of the leading companies will be gradually eliminated.

Google also thinks they can help with the realization of this idea and have already filed a patent application for an interesting new product.

Virtual Reality platforms

Designers of the technology giant are working on smart new-generation training that is optimized for VR technology, DigitalTrends reported. In this way, users will be able to use them in virtual environments and facilitate their interaction. From the patent we understand that Google will integrate special sensors into the shoes.

These modules will ensure that the shoes are attached to VR glasses or a computer to track user movements and reflect them in the virtual environment.


The shoes themselves will have special actuators and a flexible part to make it as user-friendly as possible. Entering products such as gloves and virtual reality shoes can change your mind about the potential of this technology, which is yet to gain popularity.