Huawei will use Artificial Intelligence to make Smart Clocks Better

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The main reason is the company’s desire to make the devices better and more attractive to consumers. That’s why Huawei needs more time trying to find the perfect balance between price and performance. The data was confirmed personally by Chief Executive Officer of the Chinese giant, Richard Yu.

Also, he rejected the speculation that the competition has led Huawei to quit from this market segment. Richard added that smart watches are still a niche in which the company sees potential and is already working on the next wave of innovation, DigitalTrends reported. The main purpose of the company is that the next device is maximally innovative, functional and useful for its owners. One of the solutions over which is working is the use of artificial intelligence.

The integration of the eSIM card slot, reflects negatively to the life of the battery and limits it to about 22 hours. At the same time, Huawei wants to keep the compact size and not equipped with a larger battery. The company has already contacted Qualcomm and will cooperate with them in developing a new processor for smart watches and fitness gadgets. The chip in question will offer support for many innovative technologies, but will ensure optimal battery life.