Smart Watch Huawei Watch GT – Classic and Sport


In recent years Smart clocks have become an increasingly popular accessory and a desired gift.

Unfortunately, however, most similar devices always have at least one component that we do not like. Whether it will be design, whether the features, technical characteristics, battery or menu. A few weeks ago, however, we tested the new Huawei Watch GT which was a nice exception to the general rule.


In fact, the clocks that will show you here are two versions of the same model – Sport and Classic.

The difference, as their names suggest, lies mainly in the design that targets different types of users. Sport is entirely black, with a strong silicone strap and the Classic combines silver and black with the outside of the strap leather and the inner silicone. The material is not chosen by accident, it is anti-allergic, does not smell and does not irritate your skin. At the time we were wearing the Huawei Watch GT during our tests, we literally forget that we have a watch on our hand. The clocks are quite light – 46 grams.



Both versions are very beautiful and are made for wrists with a travel range of 14cm to 21cm.

Most smart watches have a small cash desk that does not like the majority of consumers who like large watches. Here the size is 46.5mm which is very good for a man’s hand.

The display is AMOLED with 1.39 “diagonal and 454 pixels at 454 pixels, and the display literally fools you to the fact that it’s not a virtual dial but classic, but the quality of the picture is really good, and the brightness is also quite high. out and shining bright sunshine, the display is perfectly visible.


The Huawei Watch GT has 50 meters of water resistance that gives you peace of mind not only to wash your hands without removing it.

The watch can be worn during swimming and even diving in water with a pressure of up to 5 atmospheres. Here we will note something important – most people who wear wristwatches with leather straps know that it’s not good to be wet. The material from which the Huawei Smart Smart Classic version is made is that wetting it is not a problem. Even the watch has a special Smart swimming mode.


The clock has a built-in HUAWEI TruSeen 3.0 sensor that measures your heartbeat, and tests show us that it’s pretty accurate.

So Huawei the Smart Running Coach feature lets you not only track your sporting results in real time, but also build on them in the right way. The very name of the apple likes him best – it’s a real coach.

The clock has another useful sensor built in, and it’s the barometer. When traveling in the mountains, it gives the most accurate data about the changes in time that will happen in the near future. And in the mountains you often have no scope to check online forecast – the barometer is a proven and flawless technology in this regard.


The HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 algorithm makes your sleep statistics and gives you directions on how to improve it and sleep fully.

The 3D Distance & Climbing Track makes an extremely accurate description of the route you are driving on. We did an experiment and compared GPS tracking with Garmin’s professional Garmin navigation system – the Smart clock’s bias is minimal. The accuracy is due to the special GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO navigation system that is quickly positioned by connecting to 3 satellites.

And for the final we have left one of the most important things with which the Watch GT has won us. Unlike many other watches that need to be loaded daily – this one can last for 2 weeks on a single charge. active work, or a full month of sleep in which you receive calls and messages. The charging time is only 2 hours. That’s why Huawei earns our applause.

Finally, we can say that no matter which of the two Huawei Watch GTs you choose, you will get a very good combination between the classic and smart clock that is definitely worth the watch. And keep in mind that our practice so far shows that Smart clocks are degrading much slower than smartphones.