HackNotice is an Extension For Google Chrome, Which Tells if a Website is Hacked

Despite the company’s efforts, we must always take additional steps to ensure the security of our online accounts. One of the biggest problems with our internet activity is that if a website is hacked, this could put our personal data at risk.Even more unpleasant is that we may not know when this happened.

PwnedList’s creator Steve Thomas is working on his own solution to the problem, which is a Google Chrome extension called HackNotice. Thanks to him, each of us can understand if the websites we visit are victims of hackers, informs Lifehacker. To find out if this happened, HackNotice checks on a large database and will inform you with a pop-up window in the browser if there is a problem with the page you want to open.

It is good to know that HackNotice will not let you know if you are personally affected by a cyber attack.
The extension will only tell you if the web site was soon hacked. Short messages will show you more details about how many people are affected,as well as tips on how to take steps to ensure your security on the Internet. tellgordmans.com
However, HackNotice is a quick and convenient way to find out if you need to change your account password.