7 Useful Features of Google Translate in The Mobile Version that You may Not Know

google translate app

It’s convenient to use web sites when we need to make language translations, but you’re likely to translate mostly while on the go. The best way to do this is with Google Translate. This is why Make Use Of has decided to show us everything the mobile app can do.

1. Offline mode.


If you’re going to use Google Translate while on the road abroad, you will not always have a stable internet connection. For this reason, it is wise to download all the languages ​​you will need on your phone. This will ensure that you can translate anywhere, wherever you are.

To use Google Translate in offline mode, touch the menu icon (gear) and select Offline translation. You will see a list of all available languages. Keep in mind that not every language supported by Google Translate is available for download.

To download a language, touch it in the list. You will see how much space will take in your phone and how much free space you have available.

2. Enter text for translation.


Do this on the main Google Translate screen. To the left is the language you are typing. If you need to change it, touch it to select an alternate language from the list. Select “Detect Language” for automatic translation. To the right is the language you want to translate the text to. Touch it to select another language from the list. Use the arrows in the middle to flip the tongues.

3. Write text by hand for translation.

Write text by hand for translation-min

You can also write something on the screen and Google Translate will try to find what you wrote and then translate it into another language. To do this, touch “Handwriting” and start writing.

4. Say something Google Translate to translate.


What do you do when you talk to an alien and you do not understand? Once again, you can use Google Translate, thanks to its unique Conversation feature. Translate will “hear” what you are talking about and will display the translation on your phone screen. Touch the microphone icon to hear the voice translation.

5. Use your phone’s camera to translate menus, plates, and more.

Use your phone's camera to translate menus, plates, and more

To get started, set the two languages ​​at the top of the screen and touch the camera icon. Point the camera to the text you want to translate. Keep in mind that the system is not perfect. Use the flash if you need more light.

6. Save frequently used phrases.

Save frequently used phrases

If there are phrases you need to translate frequently, save time by storing them in the Phrasebook. When you translate something, it is recorded in a list on the main Google Translate screen. Touch the star icon to save it to your Phrasebook. To access your saved translations, touch the menu icon and then touch “Phrasebook”. Here you can use the search icon to find a specific translation.

7. Translate text saved on your phone.


You may need to translate text that you have saved on your phone or when you came across while browsing the web. Here’s what you need to do in this case. In Google Translate, touch the menu icon, then Settings> Tap to Translate. Drag the slider to “Enable” in the “on” position. Now that you copy text from any application, the Google Translate icon will “float” on the screen. Touch it to get immediate translation. You can also translate to Chrome. Highlight some text and touch “Translate”.