How to Restart a Windows 10 Computer if we do not have Access to the Settings Menu

Windows 10 device owners may have noticed that unexpected problems with software performance can very often occur. Despite Microsoft’s attempts, every major update is linked to a variety of bugs, which require additional efforts to be removed by company specialists.

Even if you can not open the app, it’s easy to do without having to log in to your account. Here’s how to restart Windows 10 without accessing the “Settings” app, mspoweruser says:


1. Start the computer and wait for the “Lockscreen” menu to load.

2. Hold down the “Shift” button and select the “Restart” button, which you will see in the top right corner.

3 This will not turn off the device, but will instead load the “Boot Options” window.

4. The next step is to select “Troubleshoot> Reset Your PC”



In this case, you will be able to delete all your apps and files, and leave the contents intact. After you make your choice, your computer will restart, which should remove any previous errors that occurred in Windows 10. Of course, you can repeat the above steps each time you experience a similar problem.