Hackers Stole the Personal Data of 81,000 Facebook Accounts

It turns out that hackers have used plug-ins for the leading web browsers that the company noticed to monitor the communication between profiles. Members of the anonymous group already sell private messages from the conversations on 81,000 accounts online. They claim they have information on over 120 million Facebook accounts.

Attack of hackers affects consumers in many countries, including Europe, as there are affected profiles in countries such as Ukraine, the UK and Russia. The BBC has confirmed that the database is available on the Internet for anyone who pays an amount of $ 0.10 to access personal conversations on one account.

The only thing you need to do is to download the third-party extension in the browser. The remote hackers then copy their personal correspondence into the social network. Also Visit www.zoomproperty.com

The company commented on the information formally and confirmed that an investigation has already been conducted with the law enforcement authorities to identify the reasons for the offense and the identity of the perpetrators. Facebook added that their servers were not compromised, and the information from
the affected profiles came into hackers from malicious browser extensions.

Published data includes not only screenshots, but also usernames, passwords, email addresses, photos, and more. tellgreatamericancookies.com