Why is Everyone Worried about Pirated Software?

pirated software

One in two users worries about the possible loss of data or identity theft as a result of the use of pirated software, according to an international study by Microsoft. 80% of respondents have a number of concerns about the risks of using fake software.

The survey, which covers more than 38,000 people from 20 countries, gives one of the most compelling evidence that people around the world are seeing a real danger of using such software, Microsoft said.

Internet Users Feedback on Using Pirated Software

Three out of every four users agree that pirated software is not as safe as the original software has said as its primary concern for data loss and identity theft. Respondents unconditionally support governments and industries that take action against software piracy.

People from around the world are alerting us for counterfeit software use“,said David Finn, 

who heads Microsoft’s anti-piracy software law firm. They want to know what they can do to protect themselves. They want facts. They want the industry and governments to take a firm stand against this phenomenon and take the necessary measures. Our commitment is to do our best to help them, Finn said.

70% of users surveyed expressed the view that the original software is safer, more stable and easier to maintain.

Is Recognizing a Counterfeit Digital Good an Issue?

The presence of high-quality counterfeits of software makes discovery a real challenge even for people who work with these technologies on a daily basis. The majority of respondents say they would choose genuine software if they have the choice, but less than half belief that users can recognize a counterfeit if they need to.

The data confirms the most common complaints of this topic on the Microsoft How to Tell website. More than 300,000 users have reported on this site since 2005, sharing details of pirated software that infected their computers with viruses and other malicious code, or simply not working properly.

Proactive Consumers Engaging in Reporting Piracy

As consumers increasingly report the presence of pirated software on the market, they expect the industry and governments to solve the problem. 65% of respondents expect government action, and 72% believe the software industry should be more active in resolving this problem. 75% agree that consumers need ways to protect themselves from buying counterfeit software as a result of their unawareness.

Microsoft Efforts in This Battle

Microsoft invests in creating and distributing information materials to help consumers protect themselves and make choices; in new technologies that make software falsification more difficult; and actively working with governments around the world to effectively enforce anti-software pirates laws and bring them to justice.

The company recommends after you install your genuine copy of the Windows operating system to check the Windows validation test on their newly purchased computers.

Consumer alerts are a key element in Microsoft’s fight against software piracy. The company encourages anyone who doubts the originality of their software to report to piracy@microsoft.com.