The Premiere of Honor View 11 in Europe Will be on January 22nd

honor view 11

Huawei offers a diverse portfolio of smartphones, designed to respond appropriately to all possible preferences in different segments.

The company has a suitable model for each user and this is one of the main reasons for their strong positions in the industry. Huawei will continue to pay attention to middle class smartphones to expand their positions at the expense of Samsung and Apple.

The very fact that the event will take place in Paris is a guarantee that the device will be focused on the European market.

We have every reason to expect to see Honor View 11, TechRadar reported. The invitation can also be used as a source for some of the smartphone enhancements.


We can not ignore the small opening in the upper left corner of the screen where the front camera will be positioned.

This design emerges as a leading trend in the smartphone market in 2019. Honor View 11 will be powered by a Huawei Kirin 980 processor that has a dedicated artificial intelligence unit, 6GB RAM and the powerful Mali-G76 GPU graphics chip. Embedding the front camera into the screen will become a unique innovation for this segment.