Samsung’s New Smartphone Models in 2019 Will Support Wi-Fi 6 Technology


The W-Fi Alliance, which is developing the popular wireless standard.

They decided to change the way it uses the different versions of the technology. The idea is to make the most of users, as many remain confused by the current name selection system. For example’ instead of Wi-Fi 802.11ax, we will now call Wi-Fi technology 6. This makes it much clearer that this is the sixth generation of this standard.

The leading benefits of Wi-Fi 6 are speed-related.

Where users can expect between 4 to 10 times faster data transfer than the current version of the technology. The optimal option is that devices can guarantee speeds of over 1Gbps. Latest Business Insider data reveals that Samsung sees great potential in Wi-Fi 6 and plans to use your technology in its new generation of Android smartphones. The first model that supports it will be the Samsung Galaxy S10, which is certainly not surprising.

In the coming months, however, we will also witness more technology-based smartphones.


Wi-Fi 6 offers not only speed improvements but also promises to significantly improve the signal in public places. Along with this, the wireless standard uses special algorithms to ensure maximum battery life in compatible devices. In practice, improvements cover every key aspect of the technology and will certainly make it easier for users to do their daily work.